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Hi! I’m Julia. I’m a freelance learning consultant and writer. I partner with local and international-facing organizations to develop curriculum and content.  I create custom learning experiences, write, provide research and evaluation, and develop communications strategy and coaching to help organizations have a big impact.

I love to help do-gooders, smarties, and makers tell their most powerful stories and articulate their best ideas, so that they can reach their goals and change things for the better. I help people say what they want to say, articulate and fine tune ideas so that they are smart, true and meaningful, and building learning experiences that make good things happen.

A former writing and research professor, non-profit program founder, and non-profit communications manager, I have a big picture, design thinking kind of perspective, the ability to tell a meaningful story, super well-tested writing skills, and the ability to help you fine tune your ideas and programs to make them better.

Have a plan to teach something, or an idea to sell or create something, but need some help articulating, strategizing, building that training, or climbing that wall?  I can help.

I regularly partner with Jeff Nye, an elearning and web developer based in Portland, for online learning.

Recent/current clients: World Pulse, Art Institute of Portland, aUI language, Native CARs, Oregon Humanities, AfricaBridge, Participaid, and others. I’ve also worked for: St. Anthony Foundation, the University of Oregon, Portland State University, Southern Illinois University, Buenerkemper and Howe Advertising, Carol Merry Marketing, and many more.

I partner with your staff or manage your project start to finish (bringing in collaborators of my own if need be).   Take a look at my Project page to get an idea of what I do, or you can contact my partner Jeff at archetypelearning.com for more about the technical aspects of your project.


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